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The new and improved alpha v0.36 will be released Mid July.

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Many bugs have been fixed, feedback has been implemented and there are many changes as well as many additions to the alpha 0.34. There will hopefully be a MAC alpha and maybe even a linux apha Later this month!

Check out the latest video which has just been uploaded, this shows a little of the new alpha gameplay.

The new alpha will be released Mid-July and here are some of the fixes and changes.

  • Lots of bug fixes, full list will be in read me file on new alpha download.
  • Helmet view available (see Latest Video)
  • Story Mode overhauled and made easier.
  • Many graphics improvements
  • Many Animation improvements
  • Weapon refinements and sight enhancements
  • More Optimisations
  • 2 new enemies
  • + Lots more

Don`t forget to check out Our IndieGoGo campaign. Your support is vital to the games completion!


Not bad, here are some things I'd do:

- put a cubemap material on the shuttle glas and scratch the specular map. Everything about the ship looks used, but the cockpit glas is completely clear.

- take the pistol down while running. It doesn't look good and doesn't make sense to have it in front of your nose while running. The pistol can come up when you stop or move slower than running.

- fix uv on small door

- make specular maps for blood decal. check scaling/resolution

- Check normal maps. They don't seem to work right on some walls and the large (bright) pipes.

- make areas more unique to provide a better spaceship feeling. The staircase for example looks more like inside a bunker.

I like how big the ship is going to be, but maybe it'd be better to concentrate on smaller areas with more detail. The bridge, for example, could look really great with better assets, and I think a preview of the final quality would help sell the game.

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MAGStudios Author

The fighter at the beginning you mean? i will work on that.

I need a programmer to do a lot of the things I want to do, I am limited to what I can achieve. Many improvements with regards to the mechanics will happen when i can get some help :)

All normal maps sorted now :) LOL, they wasn't normalized, you will see the difference now!

Doors fixed and re-textured, same as most of the environment :)

Cant make spec map for the blood decals, its unlit, have added a normal now though :)

Overall the more time i spend on the graphics the better, but as a solo dev my time must go into all areas of development, there are 4 decks out of the ship finished, the other 17 are all different, I am working on the Amroury at the moment which i hope to finish off and include in the alpha 0.36

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