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New AlienScouskins, Weaponscripts and partikles. (By Scorpion)

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In the last view weeks I have create some new aliens. I will start with the Scouts. The Scouts that are made by crytek are nomal. But i must chage the weapon of the bombarscout, because the Warhead weapon cannot be use in Crysis.

  • The green scout callet >Shieldgard< use portals. The portals are a gateway for other aliens. The green scout can protect other units under a big >fieldshield<. The Weapon he use is a EMP-bomblauncher.
  • The red scout called >Angel of Death< is a very heavy scout. The energie beam he use pulverize all what it touches. It is a God vs. vehicles.
  • The yellow scout called >Sidegartsupporter< is a elite scout that supports the sidegards. The weapon they use is a heavy electric Plasma Cannon.
  • The bright blue scout called >Seeking< use bombs that makes a kind of earthquake.
  • The green metal scout called >Recon< use a Sniper-Laser. It is like the Angel of Death. But not so heavy.
  • The purple scout called >Devil< use a flamethower to kill his enemys. Some soldiers call him >toaster< as a joke.
  • The silver scout called >Engel< or >Cold Death< have the same weapons as the blue scout. The silver scout is only used in Ice maps, the blue scout is used in all others.
  • The gold scout called >Commander< is a scout Commander. It have a the heavy warrior singularity (warrior singularity by Crytek). If you see the scout, the aliens hunters aren`t far away.
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