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The new acre system is a huge improvement over the old one. Also we have cuddly pets here, come and get in my van.

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Hello dear IndieDB folks !

Yet again it is time to talk about the progress of Cropling.
(Especially when the voting is still on. Oh cmon, of course I'm gonna mention this. :p )

I reworked the acre system and its now more dynamic than ever !
Its the 3rd attempt if I recall correctly, and I finally feel like its
up to standard aimed for.

Or close to it at least, but see for yourself:

They conjoin automatically of course, so you can build any imaginable crazy pattern.
Diggind up fields is consuming stamina though, so you want to be careful not to
overwork yourself or to dig in disadventeous positions or orders.

Like me going wild while testing (probably how you shouldnt do it):

Also, the animal creation stream wasnt discontinued, even while improving other parts.
They already play a important role in the alpha, so I have to keep pushing them through.

So, lets hear what the fox has to say:

He is known to be shy, so get used to see him mostly from behind, running from you. :)

...while the Frog, in some cases, will even jump on you.
What a little bugger

Thank you for your attention, I hope you are also satisfied
with the current progress, It gets closer to the alpha milestones with huge steps !

Also the official forum and website is almost done.

See you !

And just as a reminder *cough cough*
voty for goty

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Guest - - 695,151 comments

Helpful! And Nice Job There! I can't Wait To Play It Actually!

Still... It Needs More Ideas, No Judging Over The Development, It's Still Early, Right?

Wish You Luck! Forward You Go!

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reptilee - - 9 comments

I am sure that not all of the game features have been revealed so far.

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rbx775 Author
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No thats right, certainly not. :)

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rbx775 Author
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Hey there dear guests !

#1: Eventhough there will be hunting (deers as food resource), I dont really have plans for fox hunting to be honest.

#2: Oh you will love the official site (+forum) then !
You just have to wait another month or so for it. There will be plenty of information on it regarding the key features of cropling.

And yes its still veeery early, It just seems like yesterday when I started developing this. Forward I will go indeed if you so desire ! :)

Thank you both !

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