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Full details regarding NeuWON, And informations about how to access it .

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Recently Ben, A Steamless Project team member received the Original WON Source codes from original developers That led him to create NeuWON, (Yes that's Right,Not only GoldSrc games will be supported, Every WON game like CoolPool too !!) and revealed informations below, He really needs some help in this
(Scroll down for Contact infos) .

  • [27/04/2015] Website temporarily moved to a New domain
  • [29/04/2015] Revealed some Counter-strike 1.6 and Condition Zero porting Patch notes
  • [23/06/2015] NeuWON Steam groupe is up, Ben is there too
  • [05/07/2015] Project is located at Google code :
  • [02/08/2015] Man ! It's been months but we finally got some good News about NeuWON ! :

The next Major Patch ( Which should restore WON features The way they were is not done yet, However here's a Quick Step-by Step guide that will teach you how do you access the Early beta version of the Brand new Master server (Scroll down till notes to see features) and test it out yourself:

Supported games

Not only GoldSrc Games/mods are supported,Next list contains games that are finally Supported by NeuWON (Not to mention games that are already supported) Other games will be also supported very soon :

  • Startrek armada ARC
  • Homeworld
  • Cataclysm Darkreign 2
  • Silencer
  • CoolPool
  • EmpireEarth(Partnering with
  • Ground Control
  • Aliens VS Predator 2

Few others ..


  • A Clean Half-Life installation without any patches applied : you have to re-install the game if you applied any of WON2 Patches in order to be able to access the new Master server.


The next methods should work for HLDS and game, It is recommanded that you stick with the current Master servers instead ( , Remember NeuWON Master servers are still in test stage and might be taken down from time to time

Download and extract this inside the folder "valve" NeuWON Beta Listing Pach


  1. locate the "woncomm.lst" file (Usually found inside the folder "valve") and open it using Notepad or whatever text editing program you use .
  2. Replace the "auth" and "master" lines with the following lines then save .
  • auth


Features below will be available in Patch, Some features that are currently available in Patch will be also moved to the New patch, some features don't require Patch to work (Meaning they will work only after connecting to master servers)

  • 100% Working chatrooms
  • Working in-game Server browser
  • 100% Accurate ID Verification (Working CD-Key Collision)
  • Works for all WON Games without limits (unlike WON2)
  • Widescreen support for Menu and game
  • Setting color depth from options Menu 16.24 or 32
  • Better cheat detection with new Valve anti cheat libraries
  • Compatibility solution
  • Graphical optimizations and fixes


  • The Patch is not done yet and will take a lot of time to finish working on it .
  • Id's will work, but are generated randomly everytime someone authenticates .
  • Chatrooms should be accurate and working in real time .
  • This is only a test and also to give you guys a working master server while you wait for the patch to switch over completely to Neuwon , Remember this is only a 1 Man project and would take some time to be done .
  • If you didn't feel good of using it, You can Roll back to Patch while waiting for the Final Release .
  • Just as soon as Patch is done ,and making sure that everything works as expected the old WON2 Master servers will be taken down, so you better get ready from now .


  • Check "NeuWON Related questions" at FAQ Page if you have any question .

Pretty excited for this. Looking to host some old school Day of Defeat mod servers!

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Has the WON2 website been taken down? I can no longer access or the forums page for the past week or so. also seems to be down.

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