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A look into the special features of our cyberpunk action RPG.

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  • Story campaign

Neurotron has a continuous story, which has a beginning, midpoint and an end. Between missions we get to see prerendered cinematics, which go through the characters and backstory. The story deals with the struggle in the fictional Amerac city. It is an autonomous region controlled by The Family corporation. During missions player gains loot, explores the changing scenery and engages in realtime combat with the enemies.

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  • Every character makes a difference

In the full version player takes control of up to five rebel characters. Each of them has a special gift, ranging from strong mechanical limbs, to the ability to cast psionic projections. The characters are from around the globe, with different backgrounds, and they've all come to Amerac for a different reason. You command the rebel party, one fighter at a time, squad-based action game style. Different missions require different skills, but all of the fighters are important for the story.

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  • Tons of weapons

The guns in the game range from ballistic firearms to more futuristic energy weapons. The robotic enemies in the game go down easier with an EMP rifle and the living foes can be eliminated faster with a heatray gun. Each foe has a weakness and a strength, some of them attack you from a distance and some of them only engage in melee combat. The arsenal has something for everyone, literally.

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  • Random + Math = Fun

Neurotron is not just about killing enemies and gaining loot. The places where the enemies spawn, the loot which can be found, even some of the events and map pieces, are determined by a random factor. No playthrough of the game is alike. The missions also have some destructible scenery, props take damage during the firefights and bursts of violence. Sparks fly, furniture shatters, smoke rolls and shells pile up on the floor.

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  • Choose your playstyle

Like all the little random things, also your playstyle may vary. You may choose to command the Cyborg first and head against the enemies with pure melee attack. Or you might take the Psychic and attack the enemies with his psionic abilities. Also the way you upgrade your characters, buy them equipment and weaponry, may be changed in each playthrough. You can make your Hacker melee only, or your put all your credits to the Clone's upgrades, or load all the best equipment for your Agent. You cannot afford everything, so what you choose really makes a difference!

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