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A closer look at one of the playable fighter characters.

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A closer look at one of the playable fighter characters.

"What can I tell you that has not already been said? I have no home left, no roots, all has been burned away in the name of progress. I escaped to the vast spaces of Mindweb, to forget all of it. To use the technology they conceived against themselves.

Portrait Hacker

I didn't quite succeed. The ghosts of my past still haunt me. I've become disconnected from the woman I was before. The place where I grew up no longer exists. When I turned 18 I went full freelance. I never cared who the client was, had no conscience.
Rendaus Hakkeri

When I arrived to Amerac City I never dreamed of a better future. Glimmering city lights, bright faces, all that. I had no hope left, I simply couldn't afford it. The only choice for any future now lies with the resistance. Yes, there are problems. Yes, some members of it are vengeful and grow a deep resentment in me. But then again, what are the options?

Character Hacker

The greatest weapon the Family has are not its technological machines of surveillance, its drones or artificial henchmen. It's the fear that they dig out my past, and use it against me. And do to others what they've done to me..."

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