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Networking Update

Since the last news post a lot of great work has been going on. We have successfully conducted, in house, multiplayer testing of our systems.MP Night Battle

MP Smoke

These tests came out with very promising results and minimal lag for players. With that being said all of our networking is taking place server side or Server Authoritative as it's called. This method will ensure things are sync'd properly as well as put less strain on the clients. What that means is with our current setup it makes it easier to have larger battles. Some things however will be controlled by you the client such as UI functions. We are currently working on a proper server browser so players can just pick and choose which server they would like to join. There is also the option to host a server or if you know the IP to your friends server you can connect directly via the IP address. We have also added land to our MP test level just to spice things up a bit, and yes you can hit it and get stuck. So watch out if you are too close to the shore

Land HO

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