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Starting on the networking engine, and some more remixed music from the pokemon games.

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Happy late christmas and new year! Ive been too busy relaxing for my own good xD
Its time for a small update :D!! I havent done as much this week. Aside from eating chocolate and playing some league of legends XD

Foreground, midground and background!

Tiles are only allowed to be placed on the background and foreground now. The only entity that can be placed in the midground layer is a player. This is to add a little more depth into the game, since plain tiles just seem dull. Spawn points are now tile properties :D Ive spent most of my time working on the networking engine than the actual game itself. I planned to work on special attacks, but I ran into a problem not so long ago. Details at the bottom!!



Its a start. I remade this from the networking code I had on my other game repong.
I have to say, I never thought it would be as easy to have multiple clients on a server :D
I kept getting my streams mixed up, which was a pain untill I knew what I was doing wrong.
But enough talking about that. What are the plans for the game when it comes to multiplayer?

Well I plan to do it the same way a minecraft server does it. Players put their own servers for others to join and play. Stats are saved on the host´s computer and later retrieved. I would rather have some kind of ingame list to show all the servers available throughout the world, but I just dont know how to accomplish that. I´ll leave it like it is for now. Lets see what happens in the future :D

Another work in progress remix:

Im a little too busy with the coding part of the game at the moment.
This is another remix of a pokemon song I love that still lacks some notes XD Right now it doesnt blend in at all with the other songs. Thats because this one has a special purpose. Cut me some slack, Its pretty hard doing everything by yourself haha XD! I aint going to complain, Its pretty fun doing everything :D


I have a message for the current watchers/future watchers.
As you all know, Im the only one making this game. I do the music, programming and little art.
The problem here is the artwork. I lack the ability to create more spritesheets for the game, and I cannot seem to find them anywere on the web.

Do you want to help with the development of the game?
Feel free to comment! I´ll take anyone in consideration :D!!
Now, what would be your job? Here is what I currently need!

  • Sprites for water attacks
  • Sprites for grass attacks
  • Sprites for lightning attacks

If you need a list of the attacks, I will gladly send them to you.
Anyone that helps with the artwork, will get a special skin for their pokemon ingame :D!
Thanks to everyone in advance!

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