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The 'Juice Part II' update has now been released along with a new demo version. An eye-melting new video showcasing the new weapon effects is also included.

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Update 'Juice II' now live on Desura:

Part 2 of the 'Juice' update is now available for PC/Mac/Linux32 and Linux64.

NeonXSZ - Virus Fire and Vapor TrailsNeonXSZ - Virus Fire and Vapor Trails

New Demo Now Available on Desura:

A brand new demo has been made for PC, Mac and Linux based on the latest build of the game. All the new changes carry over into the demo.

Remember that if you want to share the demo with friends who do not have a Desura account, they can download the demo as a zip file. Simply click on the relevant demo download button and choose 'Download Direct' rather than using the Desura app.

The previous demo prevented the player from upgrading past Tech Level 4. This new one extends this to Tech Level 6 and will allow players to give the game a longer test drive. It will take most players a few hours to reach this limit on their first play through of the game.

Progress during the demo will transfer over to the full game if you choose to upgrade.

NeonXSZ - Weapon OverhaulNeonXSZ - Virus Fire and Vapor Trails

Brand New Video:

This action packed new gameplay video showcases each weapon individually to highlight the new and improved effects. If you like the video be sure to share it on social media to help the game.

Key features for Juice Update II:

  • A complete graphical overhaul of all the weapons - This includes smoke, fire, and plasma muzzle effects billowing out from the ship's turrets that are visible from inside the cockpit. Things like spirals of electricity along with significantly enhanced impact particle effects make the weapons look significantly more brutal now.
  • New weapon sound effects - To match the updated graphics, many of the weapons have enhanced or completely replaced sound effects.
  • Improved damage on high tech weapons - The heavier weapons now pack a much bigger punch. The Laser Cannon, Flak Cannon, and Rail Gun have had their damage boosted dramatically devastating enemies in their path.
  • New vapor trails - Every ship now has multiple vapor trails streaming off their wings and sharp edges enhancing their sense of speed.
  • New engine particle effects - The old engine effects have been totally replaced with a new blue animated plasma design.
  • Fire added to Virus areas - To go along with all the destruction in virus areas, sections of them will now be on fire.
  • Increased numbers of higher level ships - Previously it could prove difficult to find enough high level enemies to progress quickly so their numbers have been significantly increased.
  • New tips system to guide brand new players - This dynamic system will monitor the player and give them tips based on their play.

NeonXSZ - Customization OptionsNeonXSZ - Weapon Overhaul

Additional Changes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused the TLHUD marker to not record it's value between game sessions properly.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the player to buy a prototype weapon that should not have been accessible.
  • Players can now use the Screenshot hotkey on the death screen without it causing a respawn.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Drones/Turrets to do no damage while using the Laser Cannon or Flak Cannon
  • Drones/Turrets now fire 5 simultaneous shots when using the Flak Cannon. (Previously bugged to only fire one shot)
  • Increased the chance to see high level ships on highways in high level areas, especially when deeper into high level wings.
  • Tweaked the algorithm that determined the tech level of spawned ships to lean slightly more towards higher level ships.
  • Tweaked the algorithm to increase the chance of higher level military ships within the internal rooms
  • Reduced the chance that any ship would randomly spawn at a very low level from 10% to 1%.
  • All weapon booster effectiveness reduced by 65%
  • Updated the code for the damage readouts in the GUI for various weapons to be more consistent.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some ships to spawn with their max velocity set to zero for a while.
  • Splash damage code tweaked to better ensure full damage against larger ships.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the cars on silicon roads to spawn without a texture for the first 5 seconds of a game.
  • Added code to prevent the mouse wheel from zooming while the mouse is over the save window, help window, and the custom video window.
  • Engine mount positions on all ships tweaked and corrected
  • Default color for both the player and AI ship's tweaked
  • Motion Blur added to the ship configuration screen. (Can be disabled in options)
  • A shadow was added to on screen text for better readability against light backgrounds.
  • Teleport special effect and sound effect added to the player when teleporting.
  • Weapon Shop (Armory) GUI improved to be more intuitive to understand.
  • Armories now have a higher chance to sell more weapons.
  • TLHUD marker is now more accurate at finding enemies at the player's chosen Tech Level
  • Teleport to Appropriate Hostile Location now teleports to a place where enemies can spawn at the player's Tech Level + 2. (Previously it was players Tech Level + 0 and not much use)
  • Bug fixed that allowed the player to install upgrades beyond the upgrade compatibility level.
  • The option to hide grayed out, undiscovered upgrades and hulls (the grey ? buttons) has now been added to both the upgrade panel and hull panel.
  • The toggles to disable some message types are now set to OFF by default for completely new game installs.
  • Fixed a cause of the stuttering/freezing issue that seems to happen very rarely and randomly.
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The video above does NOT do this game justice. If you wanna see how awesome this game looks, get a demo on the right :)

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