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Major changes *. Parallel-Split Shadow Map (PSSM) technology has been added. *. Full support of point light shadows. Shadows are based on cubemaps now. *. Web Player 1.3. Web Player: Networking support. *. Binaries for 64-bit systems. *. Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 support.

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Major changes

  • Parallel-Split Shadow Map (PSSM) technology has been added.
  • Full support of point light shadows. Shadows are based on cubemaps now.
  • Web Player 1.3. Web Player: Networking support.
  • Binaries for 64-bit systems.
  • Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 support.
  • GuiRenderer: Custom GUI shader mode rendering. Now you can make custom shader programs for GUI. See
  • 3dsMax and Maya 64-bit versions support. 3dsMax 2011 support. Maya 2011 support.
  • Custom mesh format support. Now can be implemented any other format in addition to base OGRE mesh format.
  • COLLADA mesh format support.
  • New formula for calculating attenuation for Point and Spot lights.


  • Binaries for 64-bit systems. By default engine uses 32-bit mode. If you want to use 64-bit version you need compile Game.csproj project with "Any CPU" option.
  • Deployment Tool: Supports deployment of 64-bit version of engine.
  • Motion Blur: Calculation formula has been changed. Now blur factor is not dependand of current frames per second.
  • Custom mesh format support. Now you can implement any other format in addition to base OGRE mesh format. This will works as usual mesh, just with different loading method. As example you can attach it to MapObject in the Entity Type Editor as usual mesh file.
  • COLLADA mesh format support. Now you can use COLLADA files directly in NeoAxis. Also you can convert this to usual mesh file in the Resource Editor. Does not support animation and materials import at this time.
  • Game: Callbacks during engine/map loading. It is now possible to update screen during map loading. Loading progress bar can be realized now.
  • Game: Gui Test Window. See main menu. There you can find example of custom GUI shader mode.
  • Game: Fadeout effect after map loaded.
  • Game: Shadows options has been updated.
  • Game: Not showing cursor during engine loading.
  • Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 support.
  • EntityTypes class: Use DestroyType() method instead of ManualDestroyType(), ManualUnloadType().
  • EntityTypes class: Use LoadType() method instead of ManualLoadType().
  • Map: SceneGraphType now is Octree by default.
  • Scene Management: Better culling of visible objects.
  • Scene Management: Better culling for Point, Spot and Directional lights.
  • Renderer: Ability to manage affecting lights for each object. See RenderingLowLevelMethodsImpl.cs.
  • Light: Vec4 CustomShaderParameter property. Now you can easily transfer custom parameter to shaders for each light.
  • GridPathFindSystem: Source code available in the Indie SDK now. Earlier only in Commercial SDK.
  • RenderQueueGroup: "Background" and "Overlay" items are removed because they are not neeeded at all.
  • Log: Returns log file path for fatal event handler.
  • Gun: Better dispersion angle calculation.
  • World load/save: Custom serialization values will be cleared after saving world now.
  • ShaderBaseMaterial: Defines shader extensions: VERTEX_BODY_SHADOW_CASTER_END, VERTEX_BODY_SHADOW_CASTER_BEGIN.
  • RendererWorld class: Initialization options like MaxVertexShadersVersion, FullSceneAntialiasing has been moved to RendererWorld.InitializationOptions property.
  • Configurator: You can choose rendering device for Direct3D (if you have many videocards on system).
  • Mono Runtime: System.Xml.dll, System.Security.dll has been added to base package.
  • RadialBlur post effect: Now you can change blur factor and center parameter from C#. See RadialBlurCompositorInstance.
  • DirectX runtime has been updated to June 2010 (d3dx9_43.dll, D3DCompiler_43.dll).
  • ShaderBaseMaterial: No HeightMap support for Shader Model 2 anymore.
  • ShaderBaseMaterial: For Shader Model 3 light attenuation is calculated in pixel shader now. Earlier it was in vertex shader. For Shader Model 2 this is done in the vertex shader as earlier.
  • GameCommon: LowLevelSceneManagement.cs -> RenderingLowLevelMethodsImpl.cs
  • Lighting: New formula for calculating attenuation for Point and Spot lights in shader mode. New properties has been added: AttenuationNear, AttenuationFar, AttenuationPower. For fixed pipeline old formula is saved. Be attentive, you need configure light properties, because compatibility with old engine version is not saved. Thanks to Sodan Kerjuu for this formula.


  • Editors: Multiselection support for next types of properties: ColorValue, Font, Texture, Vec2, Range.
  • Resource Editor: Font Definition Editor: PreviewText property in the Options.
  • Resource Editor: No limitation to Shader Model 2 by default. See \Data\Definitions\ResourceEditor.config.
  • Map Editor: Selection by mouse double click in specified radius. You can change selection radius in the Options.
  • Map Editor: Clone and delete items support from the menu.
  • Map Editor: MapObjects with physics model do not support scaling. Now you can't scale them by gizmo and in runtime.
  • Map Editor: Logic Editor: Using ScintillaNET for source editor now.
  • Gui Editor: No geometry scaling in the test mode.
  • Exporter: 3dsMax and Maya 64-bit versions support.
  • Exporter: 3dsMax 2011 support.
  • Exporter: Maya 2011 support.


  • Shadows: Parallel-Split Shadow Map (PSSM) technology has been added. Low setting: PSSM3 + PCF2x2, Medium setting: PSSM3 + PCF4x4, High: PSSM3 + PCF poisson disk filter 32.
  • Shadows: Full support of point light shadows. Shadows are based on cubemaps now.
  • Shadows: Casting shadows from transparent objects (For alpha blend materials).
  • Shadows: Calculation of shadow depth bias has been improved. Now you can calibrate shadows easier.
  • Shadows: In the SDK (even in Non-Commercial SDK) practically all code for shadow generation is now available. This means you can implement other shadow tecnhiques easy. As example Variance Shadow Maps (VSM).
  • Shadows: StaticMesh, MapObject attached mesh: RenderingDistanceForShadows property.
  • Shadows: DefaultShadowCaster material now done as high level material. See source in the GameCommon.
  • Shadows: shadowCasterRenderBackFaces parameter has been removed from \Data\Definitions\Renderer.config. See RenderingLowLevelMethodsImpl.cs if you want to change that.
  • Shadows: Better shadowmap texture distribution for non-PSSM mode.
  • Shadows: Camera.FarClipDistance can't be zero for stencil shadows anymore. Now this issue has been solved internally into engine core.
  • Shadows: Many Map shadows settings has been updated. See Map Editor.
  • Shadows: Better culling during generation shadowmaps.
  • Shadows: New DrawShadowDebugging options. At this time this option shows only PSSM splits. You can activate this mode in Game and Map Editor.


  • GuiRenderer: Custom GUI shader mode rendering. Now you can make custom shader programs for GUI (quads, text, lines, triangles). Ability to bind textures added. Transfer gpu parameters to shaders from code. See video: See example in the Main Menu.
  • GuiRenderer: Now parameters such as clip rectange, blending type must be passsed via Push/Pop methods. See PushSpecialBlendingType(), PopSpecialBlendingType(), PushRenderBehindScene(), PopRenderBehindScene(), PushClipRectangle(), PopClipRectangle().
  • UISystem: New scale type has been added. ScaleValue.Pixel. Now you can specify position and size of controls in screen pixels.
  • UISystem: EControl: OnLoad(), OnSave() virtual methods.
  • UISystem: Ability to bind Custom GUI shaders to UI controls. Now you can bind to one control or to control with children.
  • UISystem: TextBox: Now returns supported in the Text property.
  • UISystem: ScaleValue.Texture has been renamed to ScaleValue.ScaleByResolution.
  • UISystem: VideoBox: Blinking black screen during rewind from end to start.
  • UISystem: EControl: SizeByBackTexture property has been removed. Use EControl.Size = "Pixel X Y" to support same functionalty.

Web Player

  • Web Player 1.3.
  • Web Player: Networking support.
  • Web Player: System.Xml.dll, System.Security.dll has been added.
  • Web Player: Now you can close engine application and go back to Run dialog.

Bug fixes

  • Bug fix: Scene Management: Invalid object culling for Directional light shadows in some cases.
  • Bug fix: UI System: Double rendering of TopMost controls.
  • Bug fix: No particles in WindowsAppExample.exe.
  • Bug fix: ShaderBaseMaterial: Property ReflectionSpecificCubemap does not work in Map Editor and Game.
  • Bug fix: ATI Radeon 5xxx Series shadow fix.
  • Bug fix: Fixed broken 3Dc textures on nvidia G6x and G7x.
  • Bug fix: Map Editor: Crash in fixed pipeline mode when set SimpleRendering to True.
  • Bug fix: GUI Editor: Fixed bugs with cloning controls. Early you can see cloning issues in the UI Editor for ComboBox and ListBox.
  • Bug fix: RenderSystem.ConvertColorValue(): Issues if color components < 0 or > 1.
  • Bug fix: Joysticks support: No more warning message during engine loading on some joystick models.
  • Bug fix: Exporter: Invalid skeleton after exporting in 3dsMax.
  • Bug fix: Exporter: Maya exporter is not working at all on some systems.
  • Bug fix: Exporter: Installer cannot detect some non English 3dsMax versions.
  • Bug fix: EVideoBox: Engine will crash when invalid file path is set in the FileName property.
  • Bug fix: Frustum.Axis has invalid direction of Y-axis. Better to use Frustum.Rotation property now.
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