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If I'm going to finish this mod, I'm going to need some help!

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If I'm going to finish this mod, I'm going to need some help! Otherwise MFAW will might never happen.

So what I need is:

A mapper, I stink at making maps, well mostly land maps. So I prefer someone else to do this.

XML coder

Modeller(sort of) I think I already have one, but just incase.

Texture Skinner

As far as I know that's everything.

An these are some of the New Planets, All Fanon.

Krikania- The Kriken home world, located off the Galactic Map. The only way to get to it, is by Hyperspace route from Kriken Colony Planet.

Triskel- Got the name from Triskelion. Also where a major Kriken Shipyard is located.

Kriken Colony Planet- A Planet colonized by the Kriken to serve as their base of operations in the Federation's Galaxy. It's also the only way to reach Krikania and Triskel on the Galactic map.

Chozonia- Haven't decided if I'm going to add it yet. I created it as a Homeworld for the Chozo in a GalCiv 2 mod.


Maps can be reused pretty effectively. If I hadn't devoted almost all of my life to another commitment for this month, I'd sign up right away. I haven't mapped anything in ages, and it sounds like fun.

If you absolutely have to abandon ship, I can take over the code for you. Otherwise I'm not sure how you'd set up code sharing in such an informal group... You could always try, anyway.

Finding modelers is a pain. I'd hope you find some generous and inspired ones to complete the mod.

I can also help with skins. I think I even made some for you that I might not have ever sent... I'm completely gone this weekend, but maybe next week sometime I can do some digging.

There's so many canon planets (or canon names from planets that were referenced) that we've found, do you even need fanon ones? I can see that these are meant to balance out the Kriken though, and that makes sense. I don't know how fitting the -ia suffix sounds with the Kriken, maybe you should just call it 'Kriken'. Like the Vulcans and Vulcan. Heck, Prime 3 called a planet "Space Pirate Homeworld" just to avoid making up an alien name (Which they actually already made - Urtraghus) I'm pretty sure that Zebes was the homeworld of the Chozo, but that might not be official. They've got colonies everywhere, one more wouldn't hurt. I don't know if you should give a definite 'homeworld' to a species that jumps around so much though.

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Admiral-Ash Author

That's why I said HAVEN'T decided yet on Chozonia, and i'm not good at created names for planets. I created some planets before for something completely different and most all ended with an "a", It's a wierd habit.

I don't think a modeler is actually needed after all. Unless they're good at making infantry.

For coding, maybe PMs or E-mail?

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I'm sure not many people are good at naming planets. The -ia suffix isn't bad, in fact it seems pretty common for locations and planet names in sci-fi. That might make it a little cliche, however.

You're right, you don't really NEED a modeler, but if you don't get some new models you'll be constantly harassed by ignoramuses posting comments that say something along the lines of "Y r Samos a dark trooper? Sumas r not dark trooper!!!!1one1" That's what happened to me, anyway. :D "Artistic reskinning" was always the style of Metroid Prime Conquest, but better models wouldn't hurt for MFaW, especially for some of the more alien looking Kriken units and important characters like Samus herself.

I suppose sharing code by email or PM works, but how efficient would it be? You just send an XML to someone, tell them what to put in it, and wait for them to send it back? Chances are there are numbers, projectiles or other units you'll want to reference in the XML that your partners won't know about. Then there's the problem of text entries. I have emailed XMLs back and forth before, though, and it will work if you're desperate.

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How much in percentage is this completed?

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I am (back) to the rescue

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