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Well I could use some help. I'm not able model new Ships. For that I could use some "reinforcements".

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Well, if you read this, you're probably interested in helping me.
Things you could do:
-render new Ships
-bringing in new ideas
-bringing in new ships ( also non-StarWars)
Maybe second mod?
-testing before the official release
to find Balancing issues
Think that was it. If you have other ideas, just ask.
If you want to help, just say it.
If you have an awesome idea, which you'd like to see in this awesome game, stay quite.
No, just joking, tell me as crazy as the idea might be. =P
See you all later^^


-bringing in new ideas
-testing before the official release

i could do some of that if you like me to ;)

i am gonna play your full version.

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mod dosn't work, i still play vanilla eaw. i replaced the file as you said. my eaw is german on xp

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John_N447 Author

well, you
Ich spreche mal deutsch, okay?
Also, wenn der Mod richtig installiert wurde, sioeht man das eigentlich NUR an den veränderungen Ingame und der Tatsache, dass man das LucasArts Video überspringen kann.
Ich werde sobald ich kann einen neuen Ladebildschirm machen, damit der Tausch ersichtlicher wird.

If you're speaking English...
Okay. My mod is a modifikation of the Vanilla EAW.
You can see changes ingame only.
One change is that you can SKIP both videos, the Petroglyph AND the LucasArts video when starting the game.

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