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A quick review of the 2.7 update, showing what has been added and removed. mostly just a bug update.

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I decided to release this as a bug update anyways, with a few new additions.
+zombies give a random amount of money
+Added Glock
+add "begin wave" key (space)
+fixed special zombies glitching out on shotgun bullets
+new splash screen
+lowered shotgun price
+lowered intial and buying price of steel walls
+only allowed to create 35 walls, add 10 walls every 5 rounds
+esc launches in game menu
+end of game offers to send you to menu, exit, or new round
+fast load/save (f5/f6)

  • W,A,S,D - Use to move up,down,left, and right.
  • Mouse - the direction your mouse is facing is the direction it will shoot in.
  • Left Mouse- Shoots/Builds
  • B - Open the buy menu
  • M - Mutes the music
  • Enter - this will (very crudely) pause the game
  • Esc - This will exit the game! so be careful.
  • 1,2,3,mouse wheel - used to change between guns, melee weapon, and build mode.
  • F5-fast save
  • F6-fast load

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