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The NC Tower Defense Game has been released on Steam.

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The day is finally here the NC Tower Defense Game has been released for sale on steam. You can find it here .

There are over 20 levels with still more to come, there is 20 plus towers to chose from with 35 enemy types to shoot down. This is a tower defense game that solidifies its genre. With as many towers as there are, there is no useless tower in the bunch. Every tower has its function and every tower will have to be used in some scenario or another in order to achieve victory or to achieve a 5 star rating on the level. The game starts deceptively easy. Level 1 is impossible to lose, level 2 and 3 need only a slight hint of strategy, while all following levels start taking the gloves off. By level 18 there will be over 50 enemies on the screen at any one time, and if you are not careful the 50 will turn to 200 in a matter seconds and they will be able to steamroll all your defenses. But enough about the game.

Its time you go and experience it for yourself, good luck commanders!

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