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New informations about Nature's Fury v2 progress and new features.

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Nev version will include many new stuff. One of the most important is game rebalance. G2 NOTR have already include blunt weapons but there were no real usage since the resistance for NPC and mosnters were same for blade and blunt damage. V2 will change all monsters resistance to make it more chalenging.
For example - creatures like skeletons, skeleton mages, golems will be imunne to point damage and will be highly resistant to blade damage and at the same time vulnerable to blunt damage. All fire based creatures are now imunne to fire based damage. Troll instead is point damage immunity will be higly resistant to it while some others monster have reduced point, magic, fire or blade damage resistance.

- additional bugfixes in G2
- additional way to enter the city
- on screen informations
- time, life and mana information will be aviable on screen during gameplay.
Fonts and all menus will be slightly adjusted/changed.
- additional infos/menus for skills and magic
- new NPCs and monsters with their own quests
- new locations (like Rangers camp)
- new items
- new skills
- new music for new locations
- adjusted some weapons that were not previosly changes (like orcslayer)

and some other stuff that I can't renember. There is already done alot of work starting from scripting to modeling, texturing but there is still much work to do so no release date yet.

New screenshots from NF v2 are available in image gallery .

Tharr - - 377 comments

There in a caved in cave behind xardas tower , have you considered to make an entrance and a quest there?That was an alternative way from the valley of mines - see the comments of Lester, Maleth(the Lobart's sheppard )-at list that is what I understand from their comments .
in Gothic 1 , intro movie are 13 magicians but when you start counting them (Milten become magician after forming of the barrier) wit all with Xardas are only 12(mistake of PB).In Night of the Reaven , the water mages make reference to an renegade magician(that help Raven to take the Claw) -it could be this 13.You can do a quest about it .
Garvell in Korinis ,want to build a boat in chapter 3 after Raven is dead this boat could be build and used for a quest... Let's say to arrive to the island of this 13 magician , and the paladins ship is too big to arrive there (shallow waters)
when you enter first time true the portal to the forgotten part of the island you see that the water mags had arrive before you,and they say you had been disappeared for 2 weeks...also a quest-maybe related to the renegade magician ...
If you are interested I can expand this ideas,since I do not know jack about modding maybe I can help you with quests and storyline ;in not problem:)

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TrojakEW Author
TrojakEW - - 42 comments

Well if you wish you can write down some stuff and I will look at it and maybe I will add this in v2.

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