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NATURALIST is a short story mod for Crysis. Available now.

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Summer vacation and a little job. A little research work for a man in a suit. Summer... Island... Koreans...



Installation, launch and know issues

Sometimes, after loading a save, scripts break and variables do not work correctly.
Because of this, mission objectives remain unfulfilled. Helps restart the level.
Sorry, i'm a bit dumb and haven't fully figured out the scripting system yet.

Subtitles and voice acting are only available for the English version. I recommend turn on subtitles.
To change the language in the GOG version run language_setup.exe and select English.
In other versions, in the Crysis\Game\Localized folder in
the Default.lng file, change to Language = "English" and PAK = "English.pak".
Make a backup before changing Default.lng.

Copy the unpacked files to the root directory.
To launch mod run BAT file in folder Crysis\Mods\Naturalist. Start New Game.

The Importance of Choosing Difficulty

Core Crisis gameplay only works on Hard or Delta difficulty. Only on these difficulties all the built-in mechanics work as intended. Everything else is a mockery of the game.


Don't rush, enjoy the game. Send feedback and rate!

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