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The mod you have all been waiting for nApoleonic wArs!111 has just been released! Download it now!

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The mod you have all been waiting for

nApoleonic wArs!111


The highly professional modification for Napoleonic Wars, nApoleonic wArs!111 have been under development for the past 5 years. The idea behind the highly professional modification have been to create a balanced yet very realistic and very positive gaming experience for the player, and to ensure that the player is in no way offended by the content of the game. This is a thing we, the team behind the highly professional modification nApoleonic wArs!111, felt was missing from the original game.

With that mindset we began our production. Now, after whole 5 years of tireless work we finally feel that we have something to show to you, our community.


Q:This dis fur reals? Is dis a tröll?
A: No, I actually do take great offense in the fact that anyone would even for a second doubt the truth and existence of this modification. It is indeed for real, no, it's not a troll. We have done everything in our power to prevent anyone from being offended by this mod, so the very notion of trolling seems awfully remote to me.

Q:Why does this mod look so bad?
A: It certainly doesn't look "bad". It's just made in another way than many other mods. While most mods try to look as much like each other as possible, with no creativity involved, we have gone down a whole other route, trying to make out mod unique and artistic. As thus, the looks of the mod is an artistic decision.


  • The worst constructed mod board in the history of Moddb
  • Best mod ever(just play it, ok?)
  • Brand new factions, including, but not limited to, Glorious Serbja and Montenegro!
  • Balanced units
  • Lots of highly unoffensive content
  • Political correct units!
  • Brand new and highly rated game soundtracks!
  • No more drums on the battlefield! Radios now play award winning tracks such as "Serbia Strong", "Where da hood at" and other classics!
  • Working (and totally balanced) nukes
  • Star Wars units for historical accuracy
  • Whole new voiceacting for the new factions, done by the talented Makkal the Great (not to be confused with Mekkil the Great. I am certainly not Makkal the Great. I am Mekkil.)
  • Realistically strong Richard Sharpe unit!
  • Tired of those birds in the sky? Fear no more! Hindenburgs now patrol the skies!
  • Samurai
  • Serbian troops on Vespas
  • Navy Seals fighting Terrorists! Murikha saves the day once again!!

And this is just a fraction of all the added material!

Some random Screeeniiiees

To see more screenshots, please go the the media page!!

Suicide Bombers in action

Average German Soldier

Working and highly balanced Nuke

Faction Preview

Republic of Döner mitt Käse

Islamic Caliphate of Great Britain

Glorious Serbja



How to install: Open your Warband Directory, go to modules. Duplicate Napoleonic Wars module folder and name it: nApoleonic wArs!111. Download nApoleonic wArs!111 and paste its contents into the duplicated NW copy. Make sure to click on "Replace All" when asked.

Server files Download link:

How to play it: After starting Warband select the Module and start it. Then turn on the music. It is a must have. Also, please note: nApoleonic wArs!111 can ONLY be played in COMMANDER BATTLE gamemode.

This material have been produced by anonymous developers. I myself was forced to post this at gunpoint, and my life was at stake. Therefore, I am under no circumstances responcible for the usage and results of my actions. Any refrences to actual people have been done with a laff or just by pure accident.

SinKing - - 3,119 comments

This is highly professional work! Serbian Troops on Vespas are only one of the highlights ^^

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MekkilTheGraet Author
MekkilTheGraet - - 21 comments

Thank you for your thoughtful comment! It means a lot to us to know that the community is enjoying our work.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Gerard_bob - - 333 comments

no offense, but it really looks like a joke and troll :D Republic of Döner mitt Käse..... lol

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Schrubber - - 304 comments

Mod of the year!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Retired_Tak - - 1,427 comments

FSE_Vuncenzo.. lol xD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Volumed - - 169 comments

Thanks a lot, now everyone is going to think the NW community is a joke.

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Guest - - 693,140 comments

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