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I am not speaking there about Rebels Alliance from SW. This is about Earth Alliance from my fantasy\sci-fi hybrid universe.

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Names of the most famous Earth Alliance Spaceships

Legendary battleship "Fist of Asaheim"
(This ship was known as flagship in the time of Ara`Hnii wars. This massive construction defeated almost 30 insects bionical battlecruisers in the battle of Death Pool. Main weapon of this giant steel monster - is massive Photon Cannon "Saber of Pain". Now its main flagship of her excellency, president Joanna Qilich. Also this ship was reworked and now its truly symbol of power)

Battleship "Armadillo"
(This ship was known as the most heavy-armored ship in the time of Ara`Hnii wars. This construction almost haven`t got damage, when Swarm armada attacked its position. Now this ship is the main power of the Earth Alliance, great legacy of the old past. Heavy defense and armor - main functions of the battleship)

Caravel "Agony"
(This ship is not so big, but very deadly against big enemy forces. This construction have powerful nuclear rocket launchers, which can destroy almost all enemy fleet by several warheads. It was built in the time Sozidaus wars and made good help to Earth Alliance Corona fleet in the battle of Mikasuki)

Galleon "Virulence"
(This ship was built in 2590 year and now its taking part in war with Yotuns. Galleon is massive construction, truly flying citadel. This ship is under control of allied Metamorphes, who are helping the humans with their war against powerful enemy from darkness. Main power of this galleon - thousand heavy turrets)

Carrier "Archangel Gabriel"
(This is the space aircraft carrier, which was built in the time of Croco wars. Construction have aboard over 600 space bombers "Saint George", which can make too much destruction to enemy battleships. This ship was built on the H`Shangaara technologies base. Its also have extremely powerful energy-shield systems)

Destroyer "Jesus Navvine"
(This ship have the name of the famous ancient Jericho conqueror, who destroyed walls of the city. This construction is the most powerful ship of the Earth Alliance. It have too much weapons and great defense. This ship was built in 2540 year, and now this massive steel monster is working against Yotuns armies)

Cruiser "Bad Boy"
(This ship is property of the "Enlightment" corporation. Grand-director Barnaby Kharlan had presidents resolution about using this ship in Corporation explorers fleet. This cruiser was pain for space pirates many years. Cruiser is full of heavy rocket weapons and also have very good steel defense)



I´m a big fan of the Virulence! I love smaller vessels with great firepower :)

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BagaturKhan Author

Virulence is not small, its big construction, which have telephatic control systems. ;) The most great victory for this ship was victory in the battle of Archai. "Virulence" destroyed two giant Yotuns "Tanistofeus" ships in this battle. Enemy constructions were much bigger then "Virulence".

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Well Well all ships are amazing nice and cool article thanks to share

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"Yo 'Virulence', I'm really happy about you, and imma let you finish, but THE FIST OF ASAHEIM IS THE BEST BATTLESHIP OF ALL TIME"

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Good Ships My Friend I (like the Caravel Agony with it's nuclear missiles)

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