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If you felt a disturbence in the force - it might be because of this...

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Rising Empire News

Hey space cowboys!

With the updated page content on ModDB I have just changed the name of the mod to "Rising Empire", to make clear that the WW2 era and Musket era parts of the mod have been set on hold because of our low manpower. This isn't much of a news since we haven't been updating the other two parts for a long time, so you should already know this.

But with the name changed we also update the url to this page, so:

Short version: no WW2, no Musketeers, we changed the name - please update your bookmarks ;)



Rising Empire

Frezzman - - 81 comments

Good choose.

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LonelyKnightess - - 841 comments

That's all good.

And wow the banner is a GIF now, didn't even know that was possible.

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Buzztr0n Author
Buzztr0n - - 705 comments

welcome to the future :D

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KucklePuff - - 48 comments

Why no just keep the name and just announce you are working on Rising Empire. But I still understand why.

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Holtmart - - 15 comments



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Buzztr0n Author
KriegStrunam - - 93 comments

Then why the **** even tell us...

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LucaThemaster - - 146 comments

1 Thing,the WW2 Era and Musket Era should be made as seperate mods so this one is based only around Star Wars

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qDan - - 38 comments

There is very many good standart pewpew mods for MoW games but zero mods about SW. So its really good idea to make pure SW mod. Its always bad to spread limited possibilites on dozens different projects.

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