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Recently added to the changelog/WIP. Most things added in this news update will be in the next version. All things that are highlighted will be in next version.

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Things being worked on at the moment

  • Multiplayer isn't working
  • Redoing all weaponsounds
  • Finish RAP4 sound flash grenade - done
  • Making it impossible to spawn before the round begins
  • Remove distance to CP as well as flags to remove the conquest feeling
  • New icon - done
  • Fix some map images + add some maps - done
  • New camo for team 1 (remove crappy DK camo) - done
  • Camo tweaks for team 2 - done
  • Fix some menu problems - done
  • Weapons tweaks on some maps - done
  • GBBR M16 sound - done
  • Gamemode discriptions
  • Record new impact sounds
  • New 3rd person sounds
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