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This mod had silent characters when I downloaded it previously, but is working now.

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My modding experience and skill is quite limited, but I'm good with taking something for a spin and coming up with a different take, a warped "What if"-scenario. I thought I had made everything right from the beginning, way back in 2015 when I first uploaded the mod. Sure, there were a few complaints about silent characters, but I figured it wasn't a big deal and certainly not anything I could do anything about. Simply getting anything done was hard enough.

The mod had always worked for me, but that's apparently because I kept all the original files in the game's directory and the mod found them, leading to a false positive result as concerns the functionality of the mod. I didn't know that the module itself didn't contain any sound files and, anyway, I don't think I would have been able to solve it. Thanks to a Nexusmods forum user, KnightZ07, who alerted me on the mute characters and gave me advice, I have now been able to get it working as intended.

I deleted the previous versions on nexusmods, because the main USP of this mod - voiced characters - wasn't available there and have now also had my request granted to delete the previous, mute versions on moddb as well.

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