This is my first mod, a dialogue mod for The Witcher 1: Enhanced Edition. It's inspired by the Malkavian Mod by the awesome MadGangster, you should check out that mod here on moddb. It's no longer being updated, but I still want more of it and I haven't found any other mods like it, so I decided to do one myself.

This mod has lots of silly/weird voice acted conversations with the major characters of The Witcher 1. Using the audio editing program Audacity, I've made several hundred new dialogue lines from the characters' audio files and put unaltered ones in new contexts.


  • A completely different take on the characters' goals, motivations and explanations of the game's events. Get to know completely new sides of their personalities.
  • 10 characters from The Witcher 1:
  1. Azar Javed
  2. The Grand Master
  3. Professor
  4. Yaevinn
  5. Zoltan
  6. Dandelion
  7. Shani
  8. Triss
  9. Leuvaarden
  10. Adda
  • More than 650 dialogue lines.
  • Branching dialogue trees, leading to unexpected new discussion topics depending on your dialogue choices.

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My modding experience and skill is quite limited, but I'm good with taking something for a spin and coming up with a different take, a warped "What if"-scenario. I thought I had made everything right from the beginning, way back in 2015 when I first uploaded the mod. Sure, there were a few complaints about silent characters, but I figured it wasn't a big deal and certainly not anything I could do anything about. Simply getting anything done was hard enough.

The mod had always worked for me, but that's apparently because I kept all the original files in the game's directory and the mod found them, leading to a false positive result as concerns the functionality of the mod. I didn't know that the module itself didn't contain any sound files and, anyway, I don't think I would have been able to solve it. Thanks to a Nexusmods forum user, KnightZ07, who alerted me on the mute characters and gave me advice, I have now been able to get it working as intended.

I deleted the previous versions on nexusmods, because the main USP of this mod - voiced characters - wasn't available there and have now also had my request granted to delete the previous, mute versions on moddb as well.

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The Weird World of the Witcher 2.0b

The Weird World of the Witcher 2.0b

Full Version

I've added the voice files now to the module. Previous versions were mute, because I didn't understand how modding works.

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