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The Second released version is finally out on indieDB!

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I have been on a break after tryharding on this game to get the 0.626 release out... BUT NOW I'M BACK BABY!

★First thing I have done is to Fix some Bugs that I discover and some that you guys wrote to me. Now (I hope) this game will be around 80% BugFree... I'm too scared to say 100%.

★I have now added a Second Launcher for people who is having frame rate problems In-Game BUT in the same Winrar file...(Sorry for a 1GB File just cause of that) But I feel like it was needed. I will ofcourse have only one Launcher in later versions cause I'm going to add the "Options" In-Game, but I was kinda lazy this time LOL!

★The Performance and Frame Drops should now be decreased aswell cause I have improved the Loading Screens...(But be aware that when you enter a new map the game might freeze some seconds before going into the Loading Screens) In later versions I'm going to add a fast loading screen before going into the spinning loading screen, kinda hard to explain but the Gameplay is now 40 FPS higher than before and LESS Framedrops while playing.

★Have been removing some old models and added new ones to make the game look better... Also Fixed some Textures/Materials I wasn't happy with.

Well, thats the little BugFix and Improvement Update and I hope you guys have fun playing! :D

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