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Mythology: Age of Heroes is an action-adventure-RPG video game project in isometric 3D, in the universe of Greek mythology.

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Hello everybody!

My name is Mehdi, and I worked in video game industry for 15 years. I worked on this project for few years and I started prototypes for a year and a half.

The game takes place in the greek mythology, after the war between the Olympian Gods and the Giants (Gigantomachy). The player will controls several heroes in this story, inspired by several great shonen mangas like Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, One Piece and Naruto.

The main hero, Hirius, lives in the quiet Naxos island, when several satyrs land on the island and kill lots of villagers, including his adoptive grandfather, Corius. To become stronger to be able to protect his family and to know where he comes, Hirius leaves his island in the search of the centaur Chiron.

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