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Coming Soon: Unlimited Zoom in replays and Loathing - New Plugin Management System - New King Of The Map Game Type - Sexy Female Voice on Trailer.

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So the last update for Myth II was quite a while a go, but in the time till now updates and work have continued. Coming soon is Myth II: Soulblighter 1.8! There a whole ton of things that are updated, completely new or fixed. I could ramble on about all the fixes and features but I'd rather show you the trailer, courtesy of Smockgirl.

Now that is out of the way I will point out that the 1.8 Beta is available. If you want to try it out in the time till final release here is the link. Warning: Back Up Your Myth Folder! It is a beta, it is not a final release of 1.8, it will be buggy and could trash things. When the full release is out I'll pop it up. As ever, love and thanks to Project Magma for keeping the Myth series alive.

Right, now that's out of the way Smockgirl also has some good Tournament Multiplayer vids up on her youtube channel. I'll take this opportunity to show off what a Last Man On The Hill match looks like and what often happens. If you enjoyed that and want to try it, on the Gimble in the Wabe map as featured in the video, then grab the Myth 2 1.72 Demo for Multiplayer Action!

Myth 2 1.72 Linux Demo -- Myth 2 1.72 Windows Demo -- Myth 2 1.72 Mac Demo

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