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The latest in stability and improvements. Also Jon God's Detail Texture Pack...

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It's finally here. Since 2009 the peeps at ProjectMagma.Net have beavered away to give a really solid update to Myth 2. Here's the promo video to watch...

So what are you waiting for? Go and download it!

Windows (98SE onward)
Mac Classic (8 - 9.x)

All of these have been copied over from The Tain and a big thanks to them for hosting all the amazing content they do. If you follow the Plugins of Choice news posts then you should have seen me mention them at the end of each one. Everything is a rehost of things already on The Tain so pop over and have a look because there is much more there. Also this leads me onto a really good reason to get you lot to pay a visit. In 2009 Jon God said he was working on a texture pack to make everything look a lot prettier. With this release of Myth 2 he's finally released that pack. It took four years, all the maps look a lot better and if you want to get that then click this link to go to the tain and download it!

Project Magma -

Note: This is a new update to Myth II: Soulblighter, as such there will be bugs. Make a backup of your Myth 2 folder and if there are any issues with the update you can use that. Or go to the tain forums and ask for help there. And yes, I know that the Mac Classic patch is a zipped sit file. I can't upload .SIT files on Moddb for some reason, I don't know why.


Very cool to see our good old Myth forward and survive.

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If it's coming to android then you've got my money.

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bluseychris Author

Not sure about that. You can ask over on the forums at and pick up a copy second hand from ebay or amazon though as Take2 don't seem to want to produce or sell copies anymore, despite repeated requests for them to do so on good old games and steam.

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