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Exciting news on the front of Mystery, combat, and men; no, not like that. Mystery Combat Man 4 has officially resumed development, with loads of new content up ahead for the patient cult following we've accumulated over the years. So what's gonna be in MCM3: Update, you may wonder. Tons of New Weapons, Enemies, and potential extensions to certain levels for starters... Take on impossible odds with the room-clearing double-barrelled shotgun, pick off psychotic multicolored mossmen with the sniper rifle, or go to town Rambo-style with the legendary M60! Maybe there will even be proper level transitions so that brainlet streamers don't have to learn to open the pause menu and hit "New Game!" Given that we're in a very healthy development stage for MCM4 now, MCM3 Update is considered a low priority, but it'll definitely happen sometime before the heat death of the universe. Stay tuned for Mystery Combat Man 4's mod page, I'm not exactly sure when we'll get it all written down but it's now sooner than ever. Despite us being in our mid 20s with jobs now, our sense of humor is just as dumb as ever.



Lmao can't wait! 😹

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Sounds pretty neat! Would you guys ever be able to combine mystery combat man 1-3 in one package? I haven't been able to get the first one to work, and I can't find anywhere to download the complete second entry.

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