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I ported Mystery Combat Man 3 to MMOD, and threw some new shit in. Try it out if you like.

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THE DEFINITIVE MYSTERY COMBAT MAN 3XPERIENCE Includes preview patch. Also includes GT (what is it? you'll know soon).


  • Wanted in over 83 countries and 2 states for motivated involuntary manslaughter homicide, Mystery Combat Man is the unknowable mascot of PC gaming we may not like, but truly deserve.
  • Utilize the RPG and hand grenades to kill geometrically perfect arrangements of soldiers, alongside your team of distractions.
  • Utilize the other weapons to embarrassingly express to your enemies that you ran out of RPGs.
  • Traverse an intense story of betrayal, politics, intrigue and love in 20 mighty chapters.
  • Press mouse 1 to kill the enemies.


  • This has all of the good shit of MMOD but in MCM, because I am amazed nobody has thought of this yet.
  • I "upgraded" the combine soldier skins.
  • There's also 4 chapters of a scrapped mod I made, which are pretty fun.


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