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What more do you need? Ok fine, it's making me type more, so I am, is this 50 characters yet? Is it now? Ok, I am gonna try it now...

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My wife just published her first book. It's a story for young teens about a little boy named Simon who goes to a world he never expected was in his own Uncle's yard. It's her first book, and I am posting it everywhere I can.

About the mod. I am not currently working on it. I am trying to get my school work in line, financial aids is giving me lots of problems at the moment, and I just can't do it. I do have some people who are showing interest in becoming modelers, but I don't have much faith in anyone actually following through on what they promise...I'm cynical.

I did start the conversion to SC2, but I didn't get very far because after I got a few things done, something I did crashed the editor to desktop and didn't have a tiny bit of work done on it, but nothing more than a few units...It kinda killed it for me for a bit...

Thank you all for your support, I hope that some day soon I can get back to making this mod, and give you guys a new version, both for SC1 and 2...

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These are links to buy it if you so choose (or at least look at it):

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