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Im back and hope i don't make some huge mistakes i made in the past

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Well after being so many months inactive i have decided to come back to my modding roots and decide to revive Endsieg and The Iron Unions the thing is that focus trees were to hard for me but after co-working with Murder mountain i finally learned them so i have decided remaster Endsieg which i made the map based in my theories but after long work with Murder Mountain we came up with a map that will fit more in alt History and while Iron Unions already hit its 1 year anniversary i have decided to remaster it i have plans for a focus tree but it seemed kinda useless a long one so i will make a short one for it Examples: a focus that allows North america to unite all of America and if all accept (Carribean Union, South American Union, and Central American Union) The country of: American Federation will be formed but if rejected American Federation is still formed but it gets annex goals on rejecting countries well thats all i have by now i will leave a poll in here in what should i work in 1st? (also btw i am not a native speaker so you grammar nazis stay off the comments)

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