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Gameplay footage of the upcoming Big Rebelion experience has been leaked. To counter the trolls, I have decided to post the footage myself. If you want to know more about my personal views on the issue, feel free to refer to my personal blog – Stan's Corner.

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I am very disappointed to have to write such a post. But, as me and my team have concluded, we have no other tangible options. An anonymous fan has leaked footage from the upcoming Big Rebelion experience. This footage contains core gameplay and story content. Because we have no way of removing said footage, I decided to publish it myself. For context: The footage you are about to see is of the cargo ship mission in the game. This mission takes place on the two-third mark. Jack Danger faces off against a horde of the death soldiers who teamed up with the Plague Doctors Council. Knowing that these ruthless foes we're working for the Zed Corporation on a mysterious black project (not like the Red Project), Jack Danger decided to do a little 'personal investigation'.

We are very proud of this level and the footage you are seeing is in fact, the final result.

If you wish to know about how I feel personally, I encourage you to pay a visit to my personal blog: Stan's Corner.




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