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Fortea1 project it is not dead. You may think about it but it is ALIVE! I just, as gamedeveloper, now working on game content. I am improving my maps, creating new models and making new characters. I have no motion capture device, so I will try to emitate some animations for my new characters. Also I have added completely finished SURVIVAL HORROR part of my mod. I was inspired by Penumbra and Amnesia on this matter;

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Recently I have did a little mistake with my binary hl2.exe ...I wanted to improve it with new "enhanced shaders" and It died. I say thanks to my backup of orange box binary and continue working.I have added DEPTH OF FIELD effect. ( Can see it only while reloading your guns... now))Also I creating sound and music content for my mod;Now I figured out that I am almost able to publish beta in June, 2011; So... I will work, and I it will be soon!

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