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Article I wrote explains why I like a game and why I think is good game.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is an example of how open-world action games should be developed. The latest work of Rockstar San Diego studio is characterized not only by the gameplay at the highest level but also by a perfectly written story. Red Dead Redemption 2 needs no introduction.

Red Dead Redemption 2 38Even the previous installment of the series, despite the relative niche theme of the western, turned out to be one of the best-selling and rated games of its time. However, this is nothing compared to the success of the "two", which to this day is one of the most-bought games of all time. The most well-deserved success, but this is nothing new because Rockstar Games has always represented the highest quality. So much so that they can be called pioneers - they have often set new standards. This is no different in the case of the title being discussed today, which is an example of how action games should be created in the open world. If that was not enough, it is also an example of how to write and implement stories in this medium for a mature audience.I will start with what I dislike so much in all open-world games, and what the mentioned Red Dead Redemption 2 lacks. In short: masses of markers, behind which there are small or smaller activities, such as cleaning enemy camps, destroying nests, or taking part in mini-games - or screwing the best results in them. All this is simply not there in the newest work of Rockstar Games. At the same time, it is not that in this vast, almost unlimited world there is nothing to do - on the contrary: there is a tremendous amount of activity. The important difference is that they find us by themselves and appear naturally on our way without forcing us to take part in anything. It gives you the feeling that the world created by the developers feels alive and authentic.

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The attention to detail that this studio has been famous for a long time only intensifies this effect.Everyone who had the opportunity to play this production for a longer period of time surely knows what I am talking about. However, for those who failed for some reason, I will mention a few examples. While exploring the world, we can even find properties that can be robbed. We can also find bandit camps, but they are not marked in any way on the map. These are just two examples, but how many similar activities we get depends primarily on how we explore the world.The examples given above are just a fraction of what we can do in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. There are even larger and smaller cities where we can of course do all kinds of shopping, dress up, have a relaxing bath, or go to the theater and boo the dancers.However, it is not only in this respect that I like the way the world is constructed in Red Dead Redemption 2. In many games, during exploration, we are very often bothered by opponents here and there - they can be all kinds of hostile people, monsters, or wild animals. Here, however, similar situations happen very rarely, so most of the time visiting the Wild West is smooth. Yes, I was attacked by bandits or a pack of wolves. However, this is not as common as in other open-world games - such as Horizon Zero Dawn or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.It is also difficult not to admire the functioning of the fauna of the world presented in Red Dead Redemption 2. All of the animals, of course, live in appropriate areas, but also seem to have their own routines. I have also seen the interaction between representatives of different species many times. I happened to see how a puma hunts deer (in order to become a victim of a mighty cat himself in a moment), or how a hawk ducks to the ground to kidnap a rabbit which I watched with binoculars to complete the entry in the compendium. Similar details are not immediately apparent, but they are noticeable if you look at nature and appreciate the effort put into this project even more.The example from Rockstar Games can also be used by other developers in the subject of horse riding. Our mount reacts very well to our commands, rarely gets stuck more seriously, and also gives the impression of a living creature - especially when it feels threatened by a predator, such as an alligator. However, he can be reassured by a pat and a few reassuring words. Summoning a horse is also very effective, as it never magically appears nearby - it always comes from where it is. Moreover, when it is too far away, it will not come running to us at all, because it will not hear a whistle.They also enjoy all the small activities that need to be performed so that everything we use works properly. We need to brush and feed the horse. Arthur Morgan also needs to be washed from time to time so that he does not stink and looks better - the fact of neglect is commented on by other characters. From time to time you also need to oil the gun, because it will be worse to fire from contaminated ones.I have encountered many complaints about these aspects - for me, however, these short activities are a normal thing, like the use of a first aid kit in older games (here the equivalent of these are simply all kinds of things to eat or stimulants), or other items important for the game. After all, you don't have to do everything every now and then, and when the need arises. Many of these items can be placed in the quick selection menu. Therefore, I do not understand complaints about these elements. People have apparently gotten used to the fact that games are all about doing more or fewer things.Such a significant change in Red Dead Redemption 2 is the requirement to unlock the weapon after each shot. This makes the clashes a bit more realistic - although these are still far from realistic. However, the proper balance is maintained, so it is better to sit behind covers - it is important to move because the opponents like to flank us or come from behind.The storyline of Red Dead Redemption 2 is another element that makes this game a masterpiece. It must be said openly. I love the Grand Theft Auto series and its satirical nature. There is no other developer who makes fun of everything and everyone so openly and ruthlessly - especially if you listen to radio broadcasts. Red Dead Redemption shows, however, that the same people can write a completely different story, more subdued, life-long, captivating, but still able to amuse.This is again an example of how certain elements should be developed. When the creators used all kinds of shortcuts to portray the character's transformation in other games, Rockstar Games presented the matter neatly, with all the tiniest nuances, giving us time to get acquainted with the characters of the story and form an opinion about them. I do not remember when the last time I felt that the character I lead is actually a human, whom I can compare to some extent to people I know personally.I would like to write about the plot, talk about it for hours, but I don't want to spoil anyone's fun, and besides, this is not a text that would focus on this element. Let me just mention that this is a really moving and impressive story, not only because of the endgame of the game but everything that happens during the game. There are events and characters that outraged me at times, annoyed me, made me happy, or just made me laugh. Surprising twists may be missing here, but not only surprising things can make an impression. The more so if thanks to such "deficiencies" they seem more authentic.There were many emotional moments in the story, but they were of a different nature.

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There were several shootings or scenes that, thanks to the great soundtrack, reminded me of a brilliant production which is Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven - yes, for me it is an equally beloved title. There, also, during some of the clashes or scenes, I felt a huge surge of emotions. It was possible thanks to the directing and the gameplay at the highest level - with the perfect balance between realism and entertainment. Unfortunately, few productions can make such a huge impression with things that are simple in assumption. Getting to know this adventure made me realize how much I would like Rockstar Games to start creating a game about gangsters from America in the 1930s. I would like a similar production by them to have a similarly slow pace (again like the first Mafia), this balance between realism and entertainment, and a mature and well-written story. Would be a hit. Without much hesitation, I say that this is one of the few games from recent years that I can define as a work of art. I have been spending time with the game almost continuously for two weeks and still not enough. Other developers should follow the example of Rockstar Games. The studio has been working on it since 2010, but it was announced only 4 years before the actual premiere. Their ambition was to create a game in which we will live as a gunslinger and, to a large extent, as far as the capabilities of the last generation equipment allow, they managed to do it. Unfortunately, the production did not avoid mistakes, so I often encountered some visual glitches. Not to me personally, but it also happened to fall under the textures - it's just in the multiplayer mode. It is also difficult to be fully satisfied with how the law works in the game, because sometimes simply wearing a bandana may result in a few law enforcement officers being attacked by you. Not to mention the situations when, for example, we hit someone - it is easy to avoid it by moving slowly in the crowd.

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