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With my last project Journal on hold for now I've been quietly working on a new project for the last few months, this is KAIRO.

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With my artist/co-writer on Journal pulling out of the project I needed to find a new project. Something I was confident I could work on myself and I wanted to challenge myself to work on something that didn't rely on the crutch of text and dialogue as much as my smaller games usually do. So I conceived KAIRO.

KAIRO is an first person atmospheric exploration and puzzle solving game. That description may not mean a lot so check out the screenshots and early video I've posted to give you an idea of what this is going to be like.

I've just finished up my first alpha build of the game, which covered about 1/4 of the game's total length in a rough form and submitted that to the 2011 IGF competition.

Expect a lot more to come...

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