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I'm an 8th grader in my last year of middle school, and I'm so excited to start developing and sharing my journey on my new ping pong game. Check out the first devlog on Youtube!

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Hello Friends!

This is the first devlog for my brand new indie game I'm making. I explain the core game idea to the audience. Then, I work on creating an Obsidian Vault to plan for the game. After creating the project, I start working on basic player leaning and movement. I come across bugs, funny moments, and finally end with a finished result. Please consider leaving a like or subscribing! I'm an extremely small creator as of now, and it would help tremendously if you could help the algorithm.

First, we start by opening Obsidian MD and start planning out the basic core gameplay for the game.

2023 04 23 13 14 09 Adobe Premie

Then, we create the new Unity URP Project!

2023 04 23 13 15 53

Soon after, we get started on the Leaning System!

2023 04 23 13 16 54 Adobe Premie

2023 04 23 13 17 16 Adobe Premie

Finally, we get started on the Movement System!

2023 04 23 13 18 29 Adobe Premie

2023 04 23 13 18 47 Adobe Premie

That's all for that Devlog! Thanks for reading, and please like and subscribe! It would really help to improve the algorithm! I hope you have a good day

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