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Hello friends.

Wanted to talk a bit.

Last month i get few not good messages from some characters (will not speak about their nicks, i respect moddb rules and the European Rights of Man, and to be fair, don`t want to speak about them).

And now i decided to answer all questions about me. Don`t want to be strange anymore. You can consider this my article as one of my biographic stories.

At first, i wanted to say, that i have proffesional literature education and studied in the Literature university of my own city. Its a big house of literature artwork and creative writing. Literature was for me part of my life, and still its moving on. To write stories for me - is a vital necessity, something like that. I am writing fantasy and real life stories, have now 2 published books. I started to do my universe since the age of 14.

First my universe had name as Hoerem. It was the simple world, one big planet with the one big continent. It has many races from mythologies. Its have own light side and of course the dark side too. Then i transformed this world to something better. I created another universe with name Infinitive World (mother of modern "Infinitas" universe). I started to work with it in the years 2008-2013. In 2015 i transformed my universe to new incarnation. I had there Salah`Zarr God as the main threat. And also had several heroes, who wanted to destroy this evil. And in 2017 my universe had the last transformation and now you can see what is it. Now its have 2 canons - Old and New. - this is the group about New Canon. There i am working with newest stories, newest plots and making newest concepts. - this is the group about Old Canon. There i made a lot of work in the period 2016 - january 2018. Its not only about my universe.... but about other works also. You all can post there. Its a group for Moddb literature artists.

Second, about my complaints and about my donations problem. I know.... Yeah i know, you all saw messages about donations and financial crisis. I don`t want to load you into my problems, but i really had financial questions in my life. Its of course, not a begging or something like that. One of my friends from this site adviced me to make Donations Thread. And of course Voting. I made this thread and asked people about this idea. So..... - thread is there. And people from this site accepted my donations topic. I saw many donations threads in this site. And its not begging, of course... Its just a idea. I don`t force others to do it. I am speaking about it only with my friends. My friends accepted it and its their choice. Yeah... I had some months ago terrible situation with money, and yes i asked some people there... But i already said them "I am sorry". And i am really sorry about it. I admitted my mistake and i understand, how it looks. All people, who saw my messages about money, please forgive me. Donations - is a voluntary actions. And no more... Only voluntary. If you thinks about my universe good and want to help - its your choice. And i`ll say you all thanks. I have there good list of donators - and i will be always happy to have these cool friends. Their donations helped my inspirations, helped my universe and my life too.
Now about other complaints... I am artwork man.... And many of people like me have something like nervous disruptions sometimes. Its normal. All have not good nervous system now... To be fair, almost all people of this planet. Thanks to people, who supported me in this terrible period. They are cool, anyway.... And i must say sorry, that i had some disruptions there. Sometimes i am sad, sometimes i am weirld, sometimes i am funny... Emotions are normal for each human.... And for artwork human too. Remember some artists.... maybe Vincent Van Gog or others. Writers are the same.... Strange people, yes. And i`m strange person too. I know it very well. But its not bad.... Its normal. To be strange - is not to be awful. Its okay!

Third, i get some messages from my critics some time ago. They said something that i am ruining this site by my artwork... or ruining their work. Dear haters.... Ruining the site is something like... Posting porno, posting perverts content, posting awful mods (i completely finished my modding career, btw). But to post stories - is normal. Main admin of this site is agree with it. I am anytime asking Moddb stuff about all my work. I am anytime asking people about my work, about usefulness or useless.
You can see these topics.
My universe review thread.
and of course this topic. Truth topic.
You can see. People from this site are not angry about my work. They don`t think that i`m ruining the community by my universe. And to be fair.... ruining the community by my universe...... Hmmmmmmmmmm...... What is that??? I can`t understand! If you are talking about the plagiarism, i can say you, that i have lawyer, who read my work. He made full analysis of my work, and he said me, that i haven`t got plagiarism. And if you`re talking about ideas, i must say, that Copyright Rules are only for concepts, but not for ideas. Every person can write about .... Lenin or Stalin... Or maybe create own world. Ideas are not under the copyright. Orks are not under the copyright. All fantasy writers using Orks races in their own worlds. Orks... or Elves.
So to work with my universe in this site - is not ruin... or trolling or something else.... Its normal work.

Fourth, i can say, that maybe my critics can be right about harassing... I mean, harassing by invitations. Yeah i invited many people to my literature clubs, spoke about it. Yeah... I am a bit intrusive in this work. I always wanted people to see, what i am doing. Don`t be offended by this. I don`t want to make community bad, and never wanted to do it. Yeah... I am intrusive. But i am not spammer. If you don`t want to read my works, just don`t do it. And forgive me for my intrusive behavior. Its will not be anymore. I admitted this mistake. I know that its bad. And will not do it.... I am giving you my word. My word.
Really.... Understand me, friends. I was always polite with community. Sometimes have nervous strokes.... But it was really seldom.

I hope, you will not be angry about me. I am working now with the New Canon of my universe. And i am going to improve it and make it like gem. Maybe sometimes i am stopping my universe and then again starting to work. Don`t pay attention... Its my... writers strange things.... I am strange and i`m proud of it. I already have people, who can realize my universe. I just need to work now, work with money. I am organising my own business.. And i hope, sometime you will see my universe realization. Maybe its will be game (RTS, i think), maybe its will be TV show or 3d-multfilm (like Resident Evil). Maybe its even can be full movie, i don`t know. I am praying about the best future. And i believe in God.

Thanks for reading this my big article.... To be fair, its not even article. Its my biographic story. Its a story of my life.

Thank you again.

Yours Alexander K.Krokhmal (07.03.18)


As a friend of yours and a man of literature myself,I support every single word you said here

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I hope this article will allow people to better understand your position,
I'm pleased I was able to help you my friend, you will always have my support.

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