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NOTE: if you're here just for the game, scroll to the bottom, but for anyone interested in the story, please read on...

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Ok, so a couple years ago I created a 2D puzzle game (a hybrid between Portal and Lemmings, I like to call it), and it was the first time I actually finished a project of such scope (with my own designs, programming, music, etc), and it was all great. I even sold a few copies, and feedback (except for a few bugs that I'm sure still remain) was overall positive... other than its difficulty.

Sokos takes its name from something as random as a Finnish supermarket where I used to shop, when I was studying with my Erasmus scholarship in Turku. The name sounded a little alien to me by the time, and so I thought it'd be a great name for my character... as you see, everything was very personal. During the game you can find pages of some sort of scripture ("soko-verse") that I wrote and hand-drew, like everything else in there... Story started super-simple "let's mix a couple genres, and make it accessible", but then it naturally evolved and everything seemed to land into place. Soko had a child, and it had no specific gender, yet it was a single parent. I purposely always referred to Soko and its child Toko by their names, as any pronoun would, in my opinion, break the charm of an inherently asexual character that didn't require a partner to produce its loved offspring (the latter, perhaps a metaphor of myself creating the game itself). As you follow Soko chasing its child's captors, there's not a crazy lot of story, yet, with the help of the Story of the Sokoverse, you'll understand where the creatures powers come from, and how the Phorgs (evil characters in this game) are trying to harvest it.

2 years have passed and no one has gone much further than finishing the second world (out of the four that form the game, 40 levels in total). And, to be fair, that's normal: I barely play-tested this game (it was the first, one! I wasn't sure I'd even finish it!) with any people other than myself, and I'm sure some of the levels are pure non-sense to anyone but me.

But I still feel there's a lot to enjoy, and I am so deeply saddened no one got to see the ending animation, to give an example.

I started recording the walkthrough in case anyone got stuck: . Although I stopped at the end of world 2, as no one was actually reaching those levels anyway.

I'd love it if any of you's took this as a challenge, and tried to finish the whole game. I promise to help anyone who gets stuck, I'll record the rest of the walk-through as necessary, and if someone finishes the game, please let me know, even if you didn't enjoy it all that much, I'd be forever grateful to know someone heard the whole story of Soko and Toko, and I will personally hand-write a letter thanking the first couple people who are kind enough to do so.

You can find and download the game for free in both the android and ios appstores, find both links here: Thanks in advance for your kind attention and support.

Thanks a million in advance, apologies for the bugs, and feel free to share and/or ask any questions.

Yours Sincerely, Andres Martin (Developer of Sokos)

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