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Future plans for Campaign of CnCD2K, Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge Mod.

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I'm already adding a new GLA Campaign for YR. After i finish 7 mission for GLA i'll start a new story with 7 mission for each 3 side ,no yuri again, named as GLA Conflict acts after YR Allied Campaign.

During the Allied Campaign, GLA was already there but was not be a big problem compared with Yuri. But after some time Yuri is prisoned, GLA starts to gain power and Attacks some Allied bases at Middle East.

In Allied Campaign: Allied Commanders decides an opeation over GLA. At first they tought that fighting with an easy enemy and did not want any help fom Soviet Army. But during the war, a GLA organizm known as Ukranian Rebels starts to attack Soviet Forces in Ukranian SSR. Soviets start to help Allieds to destroy GLA Forces and GLA loses war.

In Soviet Campaign: A Soviet spy finds future plans about Ukranian Rebels. They wants to stop them before Ukranian Rebels gains more power. But Soviets couldn't stop GLA. Ukrania declares its independence and speeds up their attacks over Russian SFSR. Soviets wants help from Allied Forces. With help of Allied Forces, Soviets destroys GLA forces on Ukrania and captures lost soil from GLA.

In GLA Campaign: GLA defects Allied Attacks over them. After establish of Ukranian Rebels, Soviets starts to attack GLA. After some victory over Soviets, Ukraina declares independence. Soviets speeds up their attacks but after some GLA victory, Soviets surrenders and recognised independence of Ukrania. War overs with GLA victory.

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