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An explanation behind Silent Hallways as my first custom story

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As most of you don't know, Silent Hallways is my first custom story. The first chapter is the first custom story i've made. Because of this, it may not be as good as the second chapter...or the third, but I just want you guys to know this. And if there are some of you that have tried the first chapter, and didnt like it. Maybe you can check out the second chapter, since i'm more proud of that one. All I want is for people to enjoy what I create, if you do not enjoy it, please tell me the reason why, so I can do better next time. Thanks everyone for your support! It takes me a long way! Even if it's a simple pat on the head!


Hey dude !

Great job on this custom story ! I really enjoyed this one and I can truly say that is one of the best I ever played ! (and I played a lot of custom stories since Amnesia was released !)

Great idea the pony at the end, first time I saw it i got scared but when it started talking I was really surprised... I really didn't expect something like that ! and I was curious... because I couldn't realize what kind of link could exist between that pony and the story... but at the end I was really going to die, it was horrifying !! great idea !

The following-armor was really creepy ! after the first time it appeared in front of me I knew that it was going to happen again and again, but the more it happened, the more I was getting scared !

The only bad thing about your custom story is that maybe it's a little bit too short.... but, as you said, this is your FIRST custom story, and so it is a great work !

I'm also playing the second chapter right now... I am just in the beginning but I can tell you it's so freakin' scary ! much more than the first one ! it seems to be a masterwork !

And so I tell you "Great job dude!" keep on kickin' *** !

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Dude I have to ask you something;

I wanna start to create custom stories for Amnesia but I cannot retrieve the level editor, can you tell me more about that ? where can I download it from ?

Thanks a lot !

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FunTimeError Author

Uh i think it was here that i got it from.

Just follow that link and it should be there to download.
If you are not sure how to use the editor, check out some tutorials on youtube or something :D

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