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Post with updates on the game's content, changes and a new release schedule.

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It's been more then a month since the last update and this is due to us working hard on getting the game ready for the 12 days of indie stream. Now that the AmbushedGamer hosted event has ended we can start pushing updates and posts about the changes the game went through, the new additions and future plans. The AI posts will resurface once I'm done balancing the unit special abilities (healing, empowering and self-destruct). For now, here's a brief change-long since the last post:

  • Units received new "racial" abilities: All mutants can heal themselves during their turn, and robots can be armed to self destruct on impact.
  • Top tier units (BamTanks and Mechs) can now sacrifice 50% of their initial HP to empower units in close proximity, by boosting their attack and defense stats for one turn.
  • The User Interface went drastic changes, having remade them twice till now, with one future re-skin planned.
  • Victory conditions for normal battles have been updated. Unless otherwise specified at the beginning of a map, victory is achieved if the enemy has no more units available on the battlefield and cannot produce new ones during his turn.
  • Commander stats have been tuned. They no longer have 2/5 points in each stat + a preferred stat, and their tactics are strongly influenced by this.
  • The game now contains two new sound tracks (courtesy of @Grace Zarczynska) and lots of sound effects.
  • Changes have been applied to range attacks. Ranged units can now attack from their location if the targeting reticule (cross hair) flashes green (indicating they are well within their range).
  • The AI focuses less on creating scouts during mid or late game and will try to balance a ration of units present on the battlefield.
  • A unlock system and a war room are getting slowly integrated into the game. Levels and commanders will be unlocked by completing objectives (winning a map by not capturing any factory, winning 3 games in a row, etc)
  • Hotseat/local multiplayer can now be started from the commander select menu.
  • Players can now export their battle details from the victory screen and visualize the data from the war room.
  • The game content and ui elements now adapt to any resolution.

Whit that being said, I have uploaded a video here showcasing the progress and a battle on a new map (designed initially for the 12 days of indie). In the next update, we hope to include a new UI re-skin, the war room and objectives. The game's release date has been moved to early 2014 (January most likely, but only if we manage to get two weeks of play tests with no bugs or performance issues).

Here's a bonus image of the commanders:

Commanders - both colors for both players

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