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A new musical gaming experience is available now for Android + iOS! Get to know music in a new way!

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Ready for a new unique musical gaming experience?

Music Puzzle is available now via Google Play Store & Apple App Store!

In the game you have to arrange songs from artists around the world - you do this by listening to tracks representing the different instruments.

It doesn't matter if classical, pop, rock or even metal music - we've got something for everyone!

As an indie studio we also work together with indie artists and we're pretty sure that you'll like their songs!

Check it out now!

current songlist (23 Songs)

  • James Blunt - You're Beautiful
  • Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains
  • Milky Chance - Stolen Dance
  • Devilment - Hitchcock Blonde
  • Killerpilze - Drei
  • The Pointer Sisters - I'm so excited
  • Supergrass - Alright
  • Starsailor - Four to the Floor
  • Vault of Valor - Plague of the Earth
  • Lybellulla - Rock me Tonight
  • The Mixy Welders - Yohoo
  • Seekers Keepers - Quiet
  • Nation - Baltimore Rising
  • Dannah Garay - Mr. Swing
  • Silverpalms - Fairytale

Classical music

  • Vivaldi - 4 Seasons
  • Mozart - 25. Symphony
  • Beethoven - 5. Symphony

Latin music

  • Comunion - Soltando Fantasmas
  • Hello Seahorse - Me he convertido
  • Carla Morrison - Eres tu
  • La Gusana Ciega - Ella estrella
  • Fulano de Tal - La vida cambia

More songs from other artists and different music genres are already in development! Player can also suggest new songs in the game!

All our puzzles are handcrafted!

Music Puzzle is a unique gaming experience, where you arrange songs from famous artists all over the world. Each puzzle reflects a part of a song and contains various tracks with different instruments like guitars, drums, the voice or more exotic instruments like congas and the tamburin . Now it is your turn to listen to these carefully and sort them in the right order. You can always listen to the original and compare it with your current progress. Use your ears and improve your hearing abilities to master the game. Different game modes and challenges will provide hours of gameplay with your favourite songs. Are you able to solve a puzzle with only a limited amount of moves?

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