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We thought it would be cool to have some custom music for Monokrome. Check out some sample tracks of music that made it into the game and some that didn't!

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I'm Leo the sound designer for Monokrome. I'm doing sound design as a minor in my games design course at QUT and dabble in playing the keyboard and producing music. In addition to recording dialogue and making sound effects, we thought it would be a cool idea to put my dubious skills to use and have some custom made music for the game.

Making music for a game was a new challenge for me. It's less simple than it sounds because the music really sets the mood of the game but also has to suit the game. For Monokrome, originally in the development we needed something light that added atmosphere to the stark puzzling testing environment. It needed an energetic yet soothing mood that resounded with the puzzle aspects of the game, there was no time limit and players had to figure out how to get through that door with the tools at their disposal.

The music had to work in and add to the sci-fi feel of the game, it had to match the stark, futuristic visuals. With this in mind we did some research and came across a few tracks with drum n bass style beats and soaring synthetic pads and deep bass overlaid with punchy electronic melodies. I heard this and knew that it would fit the bill, so, inspired, this track imaginatively named "ambient Mk Track" was my first stab at making game music.

After that I tried something similar with a slower beat, this next track didn't make it into the game as it wasn't quite what we were looking for, but it had potential, the soft electronic parts worked well but the rest was a little overbearing.

I came back to this track later in the development process and tried to make it work again. I ended up stuffing it up again, making it sound too happy at a point where the game's storyline took a slightly darker twist. Keep in mind this is a very rough version and that the transition in the middle is hilariously bad. This track has some great oomph and harmonies though, I hope I can rework it again.

I love making beats, and I thought I'd make something thumping for any action sequences we may have in the game, this track, Thrum, was the result. While most of the other stuff is around 90bpm this one kicks off at 140 and stays there, was great fun to make this track.

Lastly is the latest track that's going into the game which I've called "The Krome". It has that soft electronic feel to it and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Now here is some stuff that I'm working on at the moment, not sure if any of this will make it into the game, in fact the first one has been described as "sleazy", to which I replied "your face is sleazy!". Small victory there but I'm very happy with the Terraria/FTL sounding backing pad, so eerie 2D pixel reminiscent.

Thank you for listening! I hope you enjoyed the music, we'll be following up with some more posts about Monokrome so stay tuned.


Good music i think it's always good to have some thing from your own toolbox

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