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Hello, all trackers, and all SOON TO BE trackers! We have some music news for you.

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Music Update

Hey everyone, Artsy again with some news on the music department! I've been talking with some friends of mine who work in a law firm about using other people's music for the mod. They have all said, after some tedious reading through their law books, that according the Fair Use law, using other people's music without permission, as long as it's not for a profit (which is impossible with a mod), and as long as the original artists are credited, it is completely legal to use others' music, so we've made a joint decision to start finding music that is appropriate for the mood of the mod!

What does this mean? Well, aside from other things, this means that we can now use music made by people you may or may not know, and the second you hear the song in-mod, like a movie, you might start smiling and laughing to yourself since you knew the song before it was used. Now, if an artist or people working for the company who owns the rights to the music, or if a representative for the artist, asks us to take it off the mod, we will without a second thought. We don't want to start any legal action, of course!

Do not fret though, we are also working on getting custom music to you guys, and as soon as we have our own fitting music, we will release a patch (if the mod is already out by then, that is), as well as all the music on its own. While we plan on releasing the music used for the mod when we make our own, please understand that if we were to allow you to download the music that we are going to use until we write our own, we would be breaking the law, because it would be allowing you to obtain and hold the music standalone without purchasing it.

That's all there is for this update, and sorry about the lack of updates leading up to this one! Be sure to check back soon, as we'll have another update very soon, that will be unexpected to most of you.


music? awesome!

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