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Patch 1.0.2 for the HL2: Wars multiplayer beta released, with a ton of bug fixes, balance issues fixed and some new features.

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Happy New Year everyone! Today we are bringing you a new patch for the Multiplayer Beta. It addresses many bug and balance issues and also it adds some cool new features to the mod. As always we encourage all of you to stop by our forums and tell us what you think if you haven't done so already.

As mentioned above the Beta 1.0.2 patch fixes some of the bugs and glitches issues. It also adds a couple of cool new features such as a Combine medic station and a Combine shield generator which are the best additions. We have also added the Strider unit to the sandbox mode. We have added this unit into the mod to test and will be fully available in other game modes in future releases. A full change log is available at the bottom of this news post.


* Decreased damage done by smg1, shotgun and ar2
* Increased damage grenade ability
* Decreased health Antlion Guards with 50%
* Decreased damage antlion melee attacks

* Overrun mode
- "Next wave" timer will not be activated until only 20% enemies are left to be killed or spawned
- Added option to defend against incoming waves of combine instead of antlions

* Combine medic station
* Combine shield generator
* Stalker attack/repair/construct laser
* Dispel ability Vortigaunt
* Strider (sandbox)
* Unit portraits
* Unit selection is now additionally sorted on unit priority
* Description of each gamemode in the gamelobby
* Sandbox mode now provides a button for directly controlling an unit
* You can now order around units while holding shift in direct unit control mode
* You can now specify the unit arrival direction by dragging the right mouse in the direction you want
* New music track "A New Revolution"

* or_crashed
* or_hot_sands
* Improved direct unit control (sandbox mode)
* Reduced amount of data send from servers to client resulting in less lag when a lot of units are moving around
* Unit navigation, movement and ai

* Incorrect movement speed units (about 50% too fast)
* Units spawning at the wrong position after being produced at a building
* Several unit animations not be being played on dedicated servers
* Skirmish: being unable to queue orders or group units
* Replicated ConVars created in Python not behaving correctly on dedicated servers
* No muzzle flashes appearing from weapons

* Version checker to notify the user about future releases
* A notification is now shown on game startup if you do not have Episode Two installed
* Gamelobby chat now uses the default chat system, so chat is visible in the console
* Additional game content is now mounted on game startup if present (ep2, ep1, tf2, hl1, css)



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