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New quick project hope you all enjoy it.

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hello everyone this time i come with this new and quick project for Doom

this mod adds 4 of my favorite M.U.G.E.N chars to Doom as Bosses and each one has a Boss theme that plays once they are active on the map

Dark Sakura by Rokuyuki

Nemesis by Sucu9000Z

Shao Kahn by chuchoryu

Dark Saber by End

each one with special skills and atributes now i will make a list with all the things they do

Dark Sakura

Screenshot Doom 20220815 205908

she has 8000 HP (Double the CyberDemon health)

a projectile attack that deals 10 hp

4 melee attacks damage can be configured

2 Skills damage can be configured

she's slow and the less aggresive one but can easily put down a player using her skills

she uses mana and everytime she performs a melee or a range attack she gets some (you can configure how much mana she gets per attack) and once she gets to 100 points she will perform a very powerfull Skill you can configure each skill damage on the options menu

Screenshot Doom 20220815 222847

Boss Theme "Fate Heaven Feels III - The Butterfly Flutters"


Screenshot Doom 20220815 210135

he has 4000 HP phase one (same as the Cyberdemon)

8000 HP Phase two

first fight he only has melee attacks

when you kill him he will return using his iconic Rocket Launcher becoming more dangerous

if you kill him again he will return on his 2nd form you can turn on or off the 2nd form

you can configure all damage and more on the options menu

Screenshot Doom 20220815 222851

Boss Theme

Phase one "Nemesis Theme Resident Evil 3 Classic"

Phase two "Unstoppable Nemesis"

Shao Kahn

Screenshot Doom 20220815 210339

4000 HP

he is fast and has 2 skills that he can use anytime he wants

a projectile skill that travels fast and a dash knee attack

all damage and other things can be configured as well

Screenshot Doom 20220815 222853

Boss Theme "Pit 3 Theme MK3"

Dark Saber

Screenshot Doom 20220815 210629

4000 HP

she is the fastest of them all she only moves via teleport but has a random window that can be used to damage her

she only has melee attacks and is the only one wich tekeport tics can't be modified

you can tweek the spawn rate and damage on the options menu

Screenshot Doom 20220815 222844

Boss Theme "Fate Heavens Feel III Rider vs Alter Saber"

each one comes on their own pk3 you can run all them together

Screenshot Doom 20220815 210817

hope you all emjoy this little project and maybe a will add some new M.U.G.E.N chars on the future i highly recommend downloading the original M.U.G.E.N chars and giving them a try you can find them here

Dark Sakura

Shao Kahn


Dark Saber

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I constantly amazed what people do with this game.

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