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New about building of the MUC faction (GUI, 3D models, etc ...)

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Hi all !

Today I introduce all building of the MUC faction !

All 3D model, texture and GUI informations finished.MUC building

Informations :

HQ : Base of your base ! Production : Sapper, Miner, Rookie, Quad.

Arsenal : Upgrade your units.

Factory : Build vehicle units. Production : Buggy, Pick Up, LAV, Drone, M101 - Hippo, M10 - Angry Hippo, M37 - Evil Cat.

Barracks : Build infrantry units. Production : Rifleman, Specialist, Grenade-Launcher, Sniper, Wardog.

Depot : Stock ressources.

Laboratory : Build specific units. Production : Spec Ops, Rifleman with exosqueleton, Meca.

In PI faction you found the same building with other 3D models and other production units.

Our Steam page :

Thanks for your support !


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