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Preview video of mTheoryGame Second Alpha game play footage.

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In the mad rush to plug a few bugs in the First Alpha before it went live, I pulled out a bunch of features, which I’m now in the process of putting back in : rain + wet ground, fixed up Universe charge spheres, and numerous weapon effects among others I can’t think of right now.

I have also added a few new features, most notably the neon trail effect from the menu screen and a new lighting gun (with projectile collision mesh the size of a cannon ball to temporarily address some CCD issues).There are a few more features I would like to improve over the weekend then at some point in the next couple of days I will apply another feature freeze, address a couple of known ATI driver issues and low end machine compatibility, then the Second Alpha will be ready to launch.

Jpmerida - - 203 comments

Wow... Awesome game! Can't wait!

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TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

I'll be frank -- this game seems like it still has a long ways to go (especially when it comes to some of the graphics and animation) -- but on a game design level, you seem to be doing a relatively good job. I might suggest adjusting the neon tail a little, though. Perhaps have it generate at their back. But the fact you've managed to get wall running and crazy high-flying shoooting all made sensical and not utterly breaking the game.... -that- is impressive.

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thetoucher Author
thetoucher - - 29 comments

Thanks guys.

sure does have a long way to go =)

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