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Microsoft is on day 4 or 5 of the website issues holding up anyone from updating their games or posting new ones. Essentially it's been broke so long I notice the queue is starting to empty out! So Rofaxan is stuck in limbo waiting for the site to go up so the changes required by the peer review are made. A lot of these changes include:

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Upped audio quality by double, longer excerpts of the songs for each stage, exit dialog for Xbox, new exit system for the game that allows the player to quit any time by hitting back and start. There have been enemy and bullet changes and adjustments to the SFX to balance them better to the music. Really the engine itself is fine it's that we wanted to polish the game since we were idle. With each day MS stalls we have been cleaning up content and making adjustments to our gameplay to ensure the quality is high for the dollar. Before we did the changes the game was already too big to fit in the $1 dollar bracket so we pretty much figured pack in as much content for the next price up and make it really worth the gamers money. :)

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