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New videos of Spain at War, the work done so far. Map Gijon and Brunete, Soviet T-26 tank, Armoured Bilbao, Aircraft in hardpoints, animation to heal, cannon and machine gun Hotchkiss.

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Almost there for the start of the Beta 2.0 version of the map Belchite, two soldiers (Ex Soldier. Popular and Regulars) is added. two voices (Republican and Moroccan), fixed bugs on maps and mod, and possibly the menu system and select Class Weaponry making it more similar to what we had in Cod2 mod is changed. I also intend to add a new weapon that possibly a Mauser rifle.

Contents Completed: MOD BASE: Open Warfare. MAPS: Gijón, Brunete, Alto del Leon and Brihuega. SKINS: CNT Militia Battalion Lincoln, Line Infantry, Phalangist, Black Arrows, Legionnaire, Regular and Ex Soldier Popular.. MANAGEABLE VEHICLES: T-26 Tank and Armored Bilbao. VEHICLE STATIC: Zis-5 Truck, Truck Veloce CV-33 and UNL-35. 3D STATIC MODELS: Antique Radio. VOICES: anarchist militiaman, Phalangist militia, brigade, Italian, Republican soldier, Franco Moroccan soldier and soldier. SCRIPT: Eliminated dogs of hardpoints and added the Bombing. Flags changed at the end of the game showing the winning flag. Ability to add infinite sides and not limited to the 4 that brings the cod: waw. WEAPONS: Added the Knife menu, the Recoil is incorporated do not carry weapons bayonet. Mortar and Primaticos for Official Class. STATIC GUNS: Hotchkiss Machine Gun and Anti-Tank Cannon. AIRCRAFT hardpoints: Bf 109, Polikarpov I-15, Polikarpov I-16 and Breguet XIX (Hunting Aircraft). Tupolev SB2 and Junkers Ju 52 (Bomber). All this content adds above what the exploitable Call of Duty WaW own. GUNS: Guns Kar98k, Arisaka, Mosin-Nagant Springfield. DP-28 machine gun. Shotgun. Flamethrower. Walther P38 Pistols, Star M22 (Colt), TT-33 and Magnum Revolver. Stielhandgrenate-24 grenades, kilt, Soviet F1. Molotov Cocktail. Tabun Gas, Smoke Bengal and Granada. Mine, Mine Detector. Artillery. During the development of mod will be adding new weapons, vehicles, skins, maps and some other things that will go around announcing.


When will this beta release?

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