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some help for MountFilesystem 241 failed. if you havfe this problem, then this might help you.

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Many people have found a problem with Smod-T. This goes all the way back from the start of this mod, way before the May update. If you have been getting MountFilesystem 241 failed when trying to launch smod, then you need to update CS:S (Counter Strike Source) and have played the game at least once. If you have having problems with steam trying to verify local cache on CS:S or TF2, then I recommend that you defrag your steam games and verify it by hand to prevent this from happening.

  If this does not work for you, then update steam into a beta client. This has worked for me in fixing the mod. You must have:

  • Half-Life 2
  • Half-Life 2 EP1
  • CS:SÂ
  • HL2 Lost Coast (you don't Really need this, just part of the CFG file.)
  • SDK base (not sure on witch one is needed but to my knowledge it should be 2007, but you might want to have all 3 installed just to be safe. Will check and update.).Â

All games must have been run at least once for the CFG to be loaded and opened for use by mods. CS:S Beta will not work for the CS:S Appid. If none of the works for you then please post a full report on the problem, not just "hey it's not working!!!1"


I have a problem, (insert when item problem happens), the game/steam  (Insert event/ problem). This (Is something that happens all the time or from time to time).Â

The more you add to it (as long as it is on topic and not hard to read) gives us a better chance of getting it fixed.

Happy HuntingÂ

NeoExperiences - - 5 comments

i dont have the 241 i have the 116 the cache needs repair

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KillOne - - 13 comments

SMOD Tactical worked for me not too long ago. Recently i reinstalled it and now it won't load counter strike maps or hl2 maps. I have verified the integrity of all of the games listed, and reinstalled all source SDKs. Custom maps like cabaret load, but it is full of missing textures. This is the first time this has happened.

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